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Other details and information about Zimbabwe Africa

Zimbabwe, officially the Republic of Zimbabwe, is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique to the east. The capital is Harare. Zimbabwe achieved recognised independence from Britain in April 1980, following a 14-year period as an unrecognised state under the predominantly white minority-rule government of Rhodesia, which unilaterally declared independence in 1965. Rhodesia briefly reconstituted itself as black-ruled Zimbabwe Rhodesia in 1979, but this order failed to gain international acceptance.

Zimbabwe Flag

Zimbabwe Country Information

Capital and largest city Harare
17°50′S 31°3′E
Official languages

English (South African)

Ethnic groups (2000)

71% Shona
16% Ndebele
11% other African
1% White
1% Mixed and Asian
10.5% others

Demonym Zimbabwean
Government Semi-presidential republic
– President Robert Mugabe
– Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
– Vice President Joice Mujuru
– Deputy Prime Ministers Thokozani Khuphe
Arthur Mutambara
Legislature Parliament
– Upper house Senate
– Lower house House of Assembly
Independence from the United Kingdom
– Declared 11 November 1965
– Recognized 18 April 1980
– Total 390,757 km2 (60th)
150,871 sq mi
– Water (%) 1
– 2012 estimate 12,619,600 (72nd)
– Density 26/km2 (170th)
57/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2011 estimate
– Total $6.127 billion (medium)
HDI (2011) Increase 0.376 (low / 173rd)
Currency variousa
Time zone Central Africa Time (UTC+2)
– Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+2)
Drives on the left
Calling code +263
ISO 3166 code ZW
Internet TLD .zw