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So, you have considered taking a trip to Africa? You are about to embark on an exciting adventure filled with beauty and wonder. Ah, but there will be some challenges too, for Africa is still exotic and wild and she will have a surprise or two waiting for you.

There is a saying that once you go to Africa, it never leaves your heart. You’re going to meet people, go places, and see things unlike any you’ve experienced before – in fact, this experience may very well change your view of life and the world around you…are you ready?

At Africa Travel Mate we boil down our years of living and working in Africa into useful, nuts and bolts information to help you prepare for your trip to Africa.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling solo or with friends or family, whether you’re backpacking or taking a luxury African safari, whether you’re taking a gap year break or fulfilling a lifelong dream in retirement, Africa Travel Mate will help you make the most of your adventure.

You’ll find answers and resources for all your burning questions, like. . .

  • What should I pack?
  • What kind of shots do I need?
  • Should I book a tour or travel independently?
  • Will I be safe?
  • Can I drink the water?
  • How are the people and customs different?

On this free, informational site you can find the answers to all these questions and many more. In fact, if you have a question that we haven’t addressed, or if you can think of a way to make this site better, we want to hear from you.

Africa will always be in our heart, and we want it to stay in yours too.