Planning an Amazing Family Holiday in Uganda

Get the taste of the Pearl of Africa and visit some of the best family holiday destinations that are ever loved including Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi forest National Park. Take a wildlife trip to Bwindi forest to see gorillas, culture trend, waterfalls, other primates and the Batwa people. Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls hold the fascinating scenery of wildlife and cruise waters with the tree climbing lions and Chimpanzees as a unique adventure you will definitely love and enjoy with family.

Queen Elizabeth alone is home of the famous tree climbing lions, Uganda Kob, elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, baboons, hippos  , Chimpanzees and over 600 bird species recorded making it one of the best bird watchers paradise. Surely Uganda is a magical land  because is national park is unique and outstanding in its own way though some travelers assume the Murchison falls attractions are similar to that of Queen Elizabeth.

The Victoria Nile famously known as the mighty Murchison falls is home to wildlife that are sight along with crocodiles and hippos. Though chimpanzees are tracked in Budongo forest a close forest reserve, tourists to the park get a chance to spot the rare patas monkeys in grassy plains. It was the only park in Uganda with large herds of Rothschild’s giraffe before some were transferred to Lake Mburo national park. However, it’s also a great birding paradise giving shelter to the most colorful bird species “the shoebill stock. The afternoon boat cruise that ends with a rewarding hike to the top of the fall is another great tour adventure that makes families loves their stay than never before.

Uganda family holidays are great and exciting if the tour itinerary is well planned with a visit to all the three best wildlife parks. Never leave Masindi without paying a visit to the Rhinos and get to know their history , behavior and real identity. The Rhino Park is well located that travelers like making stops either on their way to Murchison falls or as they return or connect to other places of tourism interest.

Experience the best family safari in Uganda with a scenic drive and engagement in all interesting park tour activities in the most charming parks of the country. Also discover the wonderful beaches in Entebbe if you have a weekend free before heading to Entebbe international airport for your flight back home. It’s another relaxing and fun moment you can ever share with family while on your Africa holiday. No need to worry about the accommodations of your stay because all Uganda lodges and campsites have family unites of all kinds and the sleeping arrangement is made according to your taste and preference. Even family dinners are arranged on request in case you want to surprise your loved ones as you out on holiday.

However, remember to place in your request at the time of booking so that it turns out organized and exciting. Birthday parties and different memorable life celebrations will make your Africa family holiday very interesting and outstanding other than none of its kind in life.

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