Situated in eastern Africa, Rwanda is a mountainous region famously known as the land of a thousand hills. This beautiful country is less famed for good reasons than for bad reasons that include the 1994 Genocide. 20 years after the genocide, Rwanda is a blossoming destination with its capital Kigali ranking among the cleanest and safest cities to visit on the African continent.

Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, straggles over several hills, with the city centre on one and the government/administrative quarter on another. Kigali is the administrative and economic center of Rwanda which also serves as a port for the export and import of the country. The city houses the famous Rwanda genocide and National Museums, which is one of the prime attractions of the country.

You can get in to Kigali via Kigali international airport, which is close to the city. 1st language is Kinyarwanda, 2nd is French, many speak English as well. The centre of Kigali is bustling, colorful, noisy but clean and safe. Its occupants, from smart-suited business people to scruffy kids, go about their activities, only lessening their tempo briefly in the middle of the day. Peaceful tree-lined residential streets stretch outwards and generally downwards from the city’s heart, and give visitors ample scope for strolling.