Tunisia is very famous for the exquisite structures and beautiful constructions and is a favourite of many tours in this part of the world. The National Bardo Museum is a lovely place to visit and is popular for its beautiful collection of mosaics, seen in the many rooms of the museum and they are very carefully arranged.

This celebrated museum has a history of the past and has a great collection of Roman sites in Tunisia. Dating back to the 13th century it was called the Hafsid Palace and was again rebuilt in the 17th and the 18th centuries during the rule of the Husseinite Beys who ruled over the place at that time. The National Bardo Museum is a Roman museum and has some of the most beautiful exhibits that show a lot about the life in the prehistoric era. The first floor has the most fascinating collections of Islamic rooms with an influence of traditions and popular arts. There is a certain opulence in this city in Northern Africa and is enhanced by its Meditteranean influence.

Tunis has had many influences in the past of and has shared the diversity of vivid traditions and various cultures, which form a part of its historical past. This is a very old museum in Tunisia, was established in the premises of Beylical palace, and has a princely look. With many objects taking birth from excavations across the country, this museum is divided into many departments, which makes tours around this fascinating area a great pleasure.

The various historical stories of Tunisia have been illustrated in the museum and one can go back to the enchanting times of the Punic-Libyic period, and the early Christian and Roman periods and details about the Byzantine and Vanda eras.

With fascinating and enchanting past histories, the enthralling National Bardo Museum in Tunisia is worth every bit of time spent here.

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