Watching the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda is one of the top highlights of most journeys into East Africa. This rare experience is one the magical things that Rwanda offers to its tourists!

Rwanda is home to a couple hundred mountain gorillas. Nearly half of the total remaining world population of the gorillas live within the Volcanoes National Park. Unfortunately, these gorillas are currently endangered and thus require maximum protection. However, they can be easily seen in a few places including Rwanda. They are very intelligent creatures capable of using tools and communicating amongst themselves.

They are now accessible to people who wish to see them and spread the word about their plight. There are several tour operators in Africa that offer amazing trips to the gorillas. These Rwanda Safari Tours take people to view troops of mountain gorillas. A person who goes on this tour will journey into the forested hills and mountains through lush vegetation tracking traces of gorillas.

Gorilla trekking is a one of a kind experience to be able to follow and view these amazing creatures. This kind of vacation is perfect for anyone who cares about gorillas and nature or wants a once in a lifetime opportunity for an amazing experience trekking through Rwanda. Also, by visiting Rwanda for a gorilla tour, one can help support Eco-tourism and a sustainable economy that can help the gorillas.

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