Top 5 Places to Visit in Kampala

With all the information shared in this brief, sightseeing in Kampala is made easy. If you are visiting this beautiful city, then I can guarantee you that there are several places to visit and countless things to do here. Just take a ride along Kampala and you will have an unforgettable sightseeing adventure. Here are some of the places you can go for sightseeing in Kampala. If you want to get more information on this, then you can visit IN Kampala.

Mengo Palace

This is the first place that you can go sightseeing in Kampala. The palace was built in 1952 and it housed the former king of Buganda. Besides the fact that this place has been empty since 1966 but it’s a good place to visit. The place was left when Prime Minister Milton Obote ordered a dramatic attack. He wanted to eliminate Kabaka Mutesa II who was then a president.

Independence monument

Just take a ride in the city and you will at least see six monuments with the most prominent being the Independence monument. The monument was constructed to mark the day that Uganda got independence from British in 1962. It was set up almost the same time. If you are planning to come direct to this place, then it’s very easy. The monument is just located at the center of the city and hence easily accessible. You can just visit here and take pictures.

Uganda Museum

If you are that kind of a person that likes to experience everything in terms of history, culture, technology and much more, pay a visit to the Uganda Museum. The museum has a rich history that almost every visitor wants to experience. It was set up in 1908 when the then Governor George Wilson called for all the articles of interest on Uganda to be procured. As a matter of fact, the museum is among the oldest museums in East Africa and also features a very detailed collection of playable musical instruments, hunting equipment, weapons and books among many others.

Bulange Royal Building

Here is another great place to learn about the culture and the history of the Buganda Kingdom. Spare some time to visit this place and get a taste of the Buganda History. However, the best thing to do in this case is to get guided tours inside the parliament building. This way, you get some stories and details about all the clans of the Buganda Kingdom.

National Mosque

Uganda is not well known as a Muslim country but there are some of the most beautiful places you can visit to get more about the Muslim community. This is one of the country’s premier sights which were built in 1972. It is widely known as the Gadaffi Mosque. The mosque was constructed by Idi Amin but since then the mosque was completed in 2007. Just get a hour long tour in this place and you will get all.

Rubaga Cathedral

This is a twin-towered Roman Catholic Cathedral which serves as a memorial to the Ugandan Martyrs. It is marked with over 22 Catholic victims who were later declared saints. This place serves as the best place to visit in case you want to get some Christian history in the city.


Beating the Wild Blues!

Can’t get Blue Monday out of your head? Then let TripAfrica fill your grey matter with a handful of blue things that really aren’t that ‘blue’ at all. Shiny, jewels of happiness to remind you than dull January is very nearly over, the daffodils will soon be bursting through and St Valentines Day is just around the corner! Spring is very nearly here, but before it’s sprung, here’s our handful of happiness:

1, Blue Wildebeest  – The great migration is in full swing in the southern Serengeti right NOW, and, taking advantage of the lush green grasses, the migrant wildebeest population are beginning to calve, littering the plains with lots of little, lanky bundles of joy, ready to gambol their way back north with a trot, skip and a jump. Ahhhhhh.

2, Blue Crane – The National Bird of South Africa, the blue crane is elegant, smooth, refined and since breeding season is between Oct & March, they are most likely having a wondrous & welcoming January. Pairs form at the beginning of the breeding season by selecting one another through a serious of complicated dance moves & flinging objects at one another… Once the flinging and winging has ceased they care for their eggs throughout incubation, welcoming their waterproof little fluff balls just 30 days later… Bluetiful.

3, Blue Duiker – One of the continents smallest antelopes, the diminutive blue duiker is found throughout Central and Southern Africa. These teeny forest dwellers, breed throughout the year and rarely leave the sanctity of the deeper bush. Those lucky enough to catch a glimpse may well be rewarded with a swift ‘dive’ into the undergrowth followed by a whistle & ‘sneeze’ of indignation!

And finally…. Balls to Blue Monday – The widely abundant Vervet monkey, a balcony diver, veranda marauder, kitchen invader and general, but jovially enjoyable, nuisance, has but one thing to say to the Winter Blues… And they won’t be shy about it either!


Best 5 Travel Resolutions for 2019


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There are plenty of  holidays where you’ll learn new culinary skills in the kitchen, returning with a renewed passion for cooking and a fabulous new repertoire to impress your guests… but here at TripAfrica we like to mix it up a bit, so we thought perhaps Italian food in Kenya might just do the job! Spending 10 nights at Riccardo Orizio’s stunning safari camps, Saruni Mara and Saruni Samburu will fill you to the brim with simply sumptuous Italian inspired meals, interspersed with game drives and walks in some of the worlds most wildlife rich regions…. or is it game drives & walks interspersed with sumptuous meals – either way, you’ll be spoiled with locally grown fruit & veg and a fusion of Kenyan and Italian cuisine….. Perfecto! A ‘week of Sarunity’ starts from around £4,400 per person, plus international flights.


Planning Gorilla Tracking Tours in Africa

The fact remains that choosing a gorilla tracking destination which is best for your trip in Africa depends on you and what you want to experience, see all throughout your stay. Visiting Africa’s prime primate adventure destinations with magnificent mountain gorillas, low land gorillas, volcanoes, birds, monkeys, chimpanzees and the dramatic scenery is a rare experience across the world.

East Africa region is the only blessed land with gorilla tracking adventures in Africa in only Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s a wild jungle experience under the eyes of local park rangers and guides and no wildlife encounter matches the gorilla tracking experience where tourists come face to face with the unique world primates. You can choose to spend more time watching primates and exploring the wild jungle forest by tracking mountain gorillas twice either in a single gorilla national park or different. heading out for any gorilla tracking safari in Africa  with family or friends with a best travel agent  combines the joy of the wild ,primates and friendly ties making it even more exclusive.

After having reserved your entire gorilla trekking essentials, gorilla permit, transport, accommodation and tourist visa, you need to be fairly fit, and set your mind ready for the rainforest muddy conditions and hikes. Health has to be good with no illness in order not to harm the primates. Don’t think tracking gorillas during the dry season can save you from mud because the forest changes environment from wet, humid to mud being a thick with entangled vegetation. Some parts are flat and some steep so would recommend very good comfortable walking shoes in order to finish the walk without feeling irritated. Also wearing long trousers and shirts saves you from being bit by insects that have homes in the same gorilla jungle.

However, the effort and time spent in the trek is really worth the price and experience. Volcanoes national park, Bwindi forest national park, Mgahinga national park, Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National park are the only  gorilla parks in Africa where one can track either mountain or low land gorillas. Gorilla permit prices differ from one part to the other but Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo have the cheapest permit price offers. Bookings can be made any time of the year at any ones convenience provided there is space on the day of your interest.

All the gorilla parks and great surrounded by beautiful land scape of mountains, hills and volcanoes giving answering all questions of why travelers like Africa. The weather is warm and comfortable year round even in the rain months because it usually shines after raining. Truly Africa offers the finest primate safari viewing platform due to the diversity and abundance of species found there.

Gorilla trackers meet up with lots other primate species like Golden monkeys, monkeys, chimpanzees, birds, bush babies that graze and also reside in the forests. June- early October and December to March is the best time  to visit gorillas because its dry and hikes are manageable though even those who visit them in April, May and November find it exciting and even cheap because some gorilla parks offer discounted gorilla permits  to travelers  every year which I would recommend as the best season for budget gorilla tracking tours in Africa. To find out more about mountain gorillas and Africa gorilla tracking tours, contact your travel experts.