About Us

The Africa Tours Guide is set as Africa’s premier internet portal taking the African travel and tourism industry to the world. The foundation of the Africa Tours Guide is based on the power of the World Wide Web, harnessing it in a way never before done in Tanzania.

In today’s day and age, words like Search Engine Marketing, Website Optimization and Click Through Rates can seem very complicated and cumbersome to most businesses. Coupled with these complexities are the never ending costs of running a website and ensuring it generates the needed traffic that actually translates into sales figures.

The Africa Tours Guide aims at bridging this gap between the World Wide Web and the Tanzanian Travel and Tourism Industry by providing one single platform where all business can come together to present the various offerings of Africa, thereby promoting and bolstering  Africa’s tourism industry.

We let you focus on the core of your business while we take ownership of your online marketing campaigns via our central portal. Let us take your products, you services and all your offerings to the world with a complete tracking and monitoring system to give you the result you’ve always been looking for.

By utilizing Organic Search Engine Growth as well as Paid Premium Advertising Partnerships, the Africa Tourism Directory is perfectly poised to take your business to the internet and showcase your offerings on a plethora of networks giving you more exposure than a single website ever can.

By joining the this directory you are enlisting your business automatically into the most popular of internet brand names including Google, Yahoo!, Live, Altavista, Ask, Twitter and many more of the likes.