Museums of Africa

Africa consists of 300 museums each reflecting the cultural and traditional heritage of Africa giving us a glance f valuable and colorful Africa from the 18 century to elegant times of the kings till the modern world achieving the goal of becoming a democratic country.

Following are the flagship museums describing the African culture and its heritage.
The National Cultural History Museum and The Transvaal Museum of Natural History, Both situated in Pretoria. Other museums like The South African National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg and The National Museum and the Anglo-Boer War Museum in Bloemfontein are the two museums well placed illustrating African traditions and culture and The South African Cultural History Museum in situates in Cape town and a recently built museum the Robben Island Museum. Make sure to visit the Apartheid Museum in Gauteng if you are not able to visit the other museums which is enough throwing the light on Africa the extravaganza.

Museums in Africa have always been associated with Africa’s colonial past and have always been ignored by the governments. Museums were meant to be the centers of learning and for the exploration of the society and living of the Africans but these were not given any respect by the governments and were mainly alienated.
To get back the respect for these museums PREMA was established for the prevention of the African museums.


There were three activities which the project constituted of.
1. Conditions of the museums- piling their assessment on what conditions were the museum in. The needs of the museum in sub Saharan Africa for development of institutions in Africa as well as abroad.

2. The aim of the project was to appoint people who can take the responsibility of conserving African museums thereby protecting the Africa’s culture and future training. There were even five year programmes for children on speaking English and making the child prosper in every field by working on there weaknesses and other aspects etc.

3. the workshop settled by PMDA which is an international workshop of professionals of the senior museum and also the stakeholders to plan a five year plan program to run the activities of PMDA.