History of Africa

Africa has always looked upon with cruelty by the whites. Whites were so convincing that they convinced the people that Africa had never been able to make any civilizations before the entry of the people from outside. Africans were looted in every possible way and were themselves denied of the name Africans. Even today the valuable African artifacts are exported illegally in the museums outside Africa. Africans remained unknown of their vast and rich heritage which they always possessed from the last two centuries not knowing of what actually they worth. The historians recently discovered the rich heritage of Africa the true history where formation of humans first took place. This was started to be known as the common history.

African history is hard to find out because of which they probably lacked what they possessed. It has been said that African history is since the times when even white people were not in the existence. The main reason for not having a complete source of African history is due to the few traces left and the African believed in giving knowledge verbally because of no writing source due to which slowly and steadily the history of Africans faded and the names of best and imperial kings were forgotten. African history was mostly written by the Europeans having the risk of not having the complete knowledge of the events which took place. Only few tribes of Africa started writing their history like the Foumban dynasty of Cameroon who developed the formation of alphabets as a source of writing.

The arrival of the Europeans helped Africa to throw some light on their rich heritage. White people never believed that Africa could ever build something like Zimbabwe and it was claimed by the missionaries and the scientists that there must have been a white civilization prevailing in Africa and also that black and white people arrived at the same time. In the modern times many traces found in Africa are kept secret because of the fear that it could greatly nourish the black people leading to African nationalism.