Africa Culture

Africa like it’s every other feature is diverse in its culture also. As one move from one part of the Africa to other various different cultures, traditions and their heritage could be seen with different music and dance prevailing in each giving a characteristic mark to every single part of Africa making it one big diverse Africa the world’s second largest continent. Most of the cultural activity of Africa is based on the ethnic group. Art, music and oral literature are the few prevailing in Africa along with the cultural and religious patterns describing every other part.

Establishment of Islam was due to the immigration of the Arab settlers in Africa. They started their migration in the 7th century A.D. bringing Islam with them. Africa is a place where the birth of human race took place about 5 to 8 millions years ago. You can find number of religions, traditions, cultures prevailing in Africa. After the settlement of Arabs, Europeans settled themselves in Africa in the mid-17th century at the southern end of the continent i.e., the Cape of Good Hope. Most migration of the Europeans took place in the colonial period. The descendants of them are known as Indians which are abundantly found in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

Ethiopia and the nearby areas of Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somaliacan in the Horn of Africa are the places where there is existence of Afar people. The land on which they reside is desert like make it less in vegetation and probably bothering the residents for food purposes. Awash valley is also a place where existence of Afar people is found. The population comprising of Afar people is 3million.

There only two hospitals available to the Afar. One is the National Hospital and other is he Dubti Hospital. The Afra people mainly suffer from malnourishment as their diet consists of bread and milk. Natural source of water to afar people is unavailable. Water is tanked which is obviously expensive making the conditions even worse. Afar people are prone to diseases like malaria and anemia because of consumption of inadequate diets.

The culture of Afar people is quite unique. They are dependent upon the rearing of livestock like camel, goats and few other cattle’s for the economy. Majority of the Afar people study Muslim religion and orthodoxy also prevails but is practiced in a small percentage compared to the Muslim religion.