About Africa

General Information About Africa
Africa with its large geographical features occupies 20% of the land area and is the world’s second largest continent.

Geographical Information’s :

Land measurement :
It measure 5000 miles that is approximately 8,000 kilometers from north to south and about 4,600 miles from east to west.

The Prime Meridian :
Prime meridian in Africa passes from north to south from Tema near Accra in Ghana . Africa is a home of the Nile river which is the worlds longest river spreading an area of 4,160 miles stretching from the Mediterranean sea in North East Africa to lake Victoria in South East Africa. Africa comprises of a coastline of 18,950 miles and is roughly on an area of 11.724 ml. sq. ml. i.e., 30.3657 ml. sq. km.

Apart from Nile Africa is a home of many other rivers like Niger, Zambezi, Congo and orange rivers. Africa with its gifted land shares the world’s major estimated reserves which are listed below:
Bauxite 27%
Petroleum 8%
Uranium 29%
Phosphorites 67%
Copper 20% and other iron reserves which are in limited quantities are chromium, cobalt, platinum. titanium and manganese.
The African countries which are Egypt, Libya, Nigeria and Algeria are the major area of petroleum and natural gas production.

Apart from the above mentioned information Botswana, Congo (D. R.), and South Africa produces 50% of the world diamond and the other African countries like Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa produces 50% of the world’s total gold.

Mountain System:
Africa has an exotic system of the East African Rift system prevailing in it. Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is its highest mountain of about 19,317 ft. Natures beauty that is the Atlas Mountains in Africa if of more than 13000 feet.

Africa consists of the world’s largest Sahara desert stretching 3.5 million square miles. Other desert beauties like Namib and Kalahari which is red sanded is fount In Southern part of Africa. Africa is mostly in the tropical region of the world passed by the Tropic of Cancer with equator almost dividing South Africa into two.

Lake Victoria consisting Nile as a chief reservoir is the Africa’s terrific beauty. Tanganyika and Nyasa are the other two major lakes present here. Arability of Africa is only 6% and 25% of the land is comprises of forests. Sudan is the largest country of about 968,000 sq mi. Africa has 14% of the world’s population.

Africa is prone to many diseases like malaria, dysentery, tuberculosis, whooping cough, typhoid fever, gonorrhea, and AIDS. Reason being Africa is mainly a jungle and reason for existence of AIDS is probably due to lack of knowledge.

Africa is a complete continent pf various diversities in here. Languages prevailing in Africa are mostly Arabic, Berber, Swahili, Akan, Maba and Saharan, Bantu group of languages, Koma and Songhai.

Africa is found with Islamic in area on the north and the east coast. Christianity also prevails here constituting of both Protestants and Catholics in many central and southern areas of Africa.