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About Africa

Africa is a continent known solemnly for its rich colorful heritage, traditions and most importantly its huge numerous varieties of flora and fauna. It’s a place of great tourist attractions as the travelers can feed themselves with rich varieties of its abundant flora and fauna and can really have great fascinating and adventurous experiences of its wildlife safaris. Africa is truly a place for those who look forward for thrills in life. Once you enter Africa you will greatly get fascinated with its fabulous and mind blowing cultural and traditional diversities and historical heritage of the place. This place is great for most pleasurable experiences and yet thrilling ones too.

If you want to know the further know how’s and other related details for residing in this thrilling extravaganza from cheap hotels to luxury ones and from museum tours to other countries tours of Africa you can visit this travel guide which will give you best related details according to your accommodation from every tour to every safari in here.

Where to Go

Top Destinations: South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo

Africa with its exotic beauty has enthralled travelers from ages. Africa is a land of magical natural beauty. To explore the unique charm of Africa you need to know about the proper way of traveling in Africa. Start your traveling in Africa with a unique thing. How about a view of Spain from Morocco? If this strikes you as fine then come to Tangier for stunning panorama of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The place is full of Moroccan style architecture and if the day is clear you can see Spain from here.

Not far from Tangier is the village of Chefchawen, a place of outstanding landscape with four Cartiers.The place is full of activities.

Now let’s enter West Africa to see Larabanga, located to the north of Ghana. Larabanga, an old mosque is situated at a distance of 2.5 km from the Mole National Park and it is 16 km from Damongo. The people here believe that the mosque here is the construction of God.

In Senegal visit the Goree Island, one of the most popular tourist attractions of Senegal. The island has rich history and beautiful scenery. Visit the Maison des Esclaves, the slave house built in 1776 by the Dutch will remind you of the slave trades. Some of the other attractions in the island are Fort Estrees, the Historical Museum, the Castle of Saint Michael, the Fort Nasseau ruins, the Church and other attractions. Close to the ferry slip there is a lovely swimming beach.

You can have safari tours of West Africa for a wild and nice experience. The Mole National park is the largest national park of Ghana sprawling over an area of 4840 square kilometer. The park is located in the middle of Guinea Savannah ecosystem. There are several mammalian species, reptiles of 33 species, birds of 300 species and amphibians around 9 species.

Kenya is the land of magical natural beauty, of beaches and forests. Apart from these visit Fort Jesus, situated close to the coral ridge and near the Old Port of Mombassa. This fort was built in 1593 by the Portuguese for protection of their trade routes and interests.

West Africa is the perfect haven for safari travels in Africa. Visit the game reserves which have diverse species of African wildlife. One of the most popular destinations is Nikolo Koba.

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Quick Guide

For inspiration or information, take a look at Places to Go – all you need to know on over 1,000 cities and towns within Africa.

Top Things to Do

  • Enjoy Big Five Safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Go gorilla trekking on gorilla safaris in Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Enjoy wine tours in South Africa
  • Enjoy sightseeing adventures to top tourist hotspots in Africa.
  • Track the endangered chimpanzees in Uganda, Rwanda or Tanzania.

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