Toyota IST

A compact car manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan.  This is a small segment car and is otherwise categorized as an Urban Cruiser. Toyota IST is a very compact car and the body is designed as that of a sports utility vehicle.  This was a boon to the younger generation as this had the body of a SUV but the soul of a car.  Hence it was easy to achieve a good mileage along with having the design of a big SUV to boast about.  In the introductory phase itself, there was a huge demand and more than 35,000 vehicles were booked.

The popularity was definitely noticeable. This IST was supposed to have additional attachments with the emotions of all the youngsters.  It was very easy on the steering and a good look.  Most of the cars were officially taken up by the police force because they were easy to handle and were very sturdy in the performances.   The next generation of the Toyota IST was almost similar to the Yaris but the dash board had some changes.  The gauge meters were placed right in front of the driver. This helped the driver to focus and drive without being disturbed to look at the gauges.

The Toyota IST was popular in the US by the Name of Scion. There were two variants of this particular model.  They were called xA and xD.  This also came with some variations in the Japanese market with the nomenclature of Urban Cruiser.  The designs of the dash board, only was the main difference in all of these variants.  The Japanese models were available as 4 speed automatic transmission and had the presence of a central console.  This was a favorite car in the domestic market and had found its place.  There was easy driving and more so easy parking which was a necessary part in the city.  It is a very compact designed car and the seating is high and comfortable.

The suspensions are very good and hence the comfort of driving is experienced.  There are various color options; to name a few prominent colors are the pearl crystal shine which is white, the silver metallic shade, the red Mica metallic, the amethyst, the dark blue, the Bronze metallic and grey.  The Toyota IST is also available in the two wheel drive and the four wheel drive versions.  It has the automatic gear transmission system which again proves beneficial in the driving through the city and crowded places.

The important Toyota its specifications are classified in various points:  it is provided with a 4 cylinder, 16 valves and petrol motor, the maximum output of this petrol engine ranges from 85-90 bop and the rate is 6000 rotations per minute. The power is provided by the automatic gear changers which have 4 gears system or the 4 speed gear box. The front suspension has the coil spring type of mechanism. The front brakes have the vented discs and ABS but the rear had the drum brakes.

Some of the other Toyota Its Specs also can be classified as the engine of 1500 cuss, having 5 doors in the body frame; the rims are 15 inches and can comfortably seat 5 adults.  This seating is also approved of by the road maintaining authorities locally.   The design is of a hatch back mini SUV and the fuel tank capacity is 45 liters. The total ground clearance is 175mm and also the max speed is 175km/hr. the IST is a wonderful compact car with the frame of a SUV and the comfort of a luxury car.  It is a hit among the younger generation and hence popular in the market.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

For us, more fragmentation in the class of 4WD is an unusual thing. But in May 1996, Toyota responded to the success of the family friendly Mitsubishi Pajero in the nineties.  And there was Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, and believe it or not, it not only provided all the Toyota fans with a more affordable entry points in a smaller and urban friendly package than the Land Cruiser Prado wagon but it continued to stay in the market successfully since then . We see the fine work of the Prado in schools drop off zones and in the parking lots of malls and the super markets.

The range of all the Toyota 4X4 launches was extensive and buyers had the choice of seven models with an option of two petrol engines, two transmissions and the four equipment levels. Both the engines were brand new; one being a high tech EFI equipped Twin Cam multi valve 2.7L four cylinder and the other being stronger EFI equipped quad cam multi valve 3.4 liter V6. The latter one was especially designed as a high torque engine to go on well with the off road and the urban driving and which was operated with the automatic transmission. It had full sequential air assisted electronic fuel injection and it delivered 132 kiwi of power at around 4800 rpm and 303 Nm torque at 3600rpm-260 Nm of this form.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was built on a similar ladder frame chassis as the Land Cruiser 70 and 80 series, with a deformable body and chassis. All models has an all time power assisted pack, pinion steering, double wishbone coil spring front suspension, four wheel ventilated disk brakes, multi link coil spring suspension and a 4 wheel drive.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Harga has a perfect engine. In the RV model which is the base version, there is a 2.7 liter four cylinder petrol engine and 3.4 liter V6 petrol on both the mid spec GXLand up market Grande. The base model comes with a five speed manual transmission and GXL has a choice of manual of four speed automatic’s the five door station wagon that was traditional was the only body style offered and it just enough for the footprint and miles ahead of the Hilux based 4Runner that was effectively replaced by the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Harga.  You have to sit straight up but that the passengers a full view maximizing the space around.

The Prado ‘s base model RV could handle eight occupants in which the first five were seated conventionally and last three were housed in a third row bench  that folded in two and also that could be arranged against the side panels when there was a need of extra capacity. The only reason was that the third row was only for kids because the access was not that easy.  With the third row coming in, the luggage area was also reduced but Prado made it up by a reasonable sixe glove box, door pockets and lockable storage units.

The top of the range VX Grande featured as an added standard equipment alloy wheels, CD multi changer, dual airbags, ABS brakes, Velour seat trim, dual factory fitted air conditioning and the middle low seat arm rest. Optional for this model was a luxury pack comprising of a leather seat coverings and power operated moon roof and power operated front seats. This model requires a scrutiny for the fuel system because V6 versions of Prado were recalled for potential damage to the solenoid system which can result to the broken fuel lines and can cause fuel leak problems. The concept of fuel will definitely rise up some day and because you don’t have a diesel option in this model you are there with unleaded petrol. Around the suburbs and on the off road, Prado will use 15litres/ 100 kilometers and 18l/100kilometres. This vehicle since its launch in 1996 remains a force to be reckoned with.


Toyota RAV4

SUV produced by Japanese Automobile manufacturer Toyota, RAV4 was worth falling in love with. This grown up pedal car will make you feel heavenly when you shift into second gear on the first drive.  It was the first compact cross over, introducing itself in Japan and Europe in 1994 and in North America in 1995. Dealing with such a master piece is our great pleasure. It was mainly made for those consumers who wanted many of the benefits of the SUVs like the full time 4WD, higher visibility and increased Cargo room along with the fuel economy of a compact car.RAV4 stands for Recreational Active Vehicle with 4 Wheel Drive although all the RAV4 are not 4WD.

RAV4’s anti lock brakes, power steering, major handling pieces and the independent suspension give you an indirect message that they will be going on well with you and function perfectly amazing till the next millennium. These days when automotive designers are reluctant enough to make new design, this RAV4 is a bit risky and give you a weird look from its great buns to a roof lines a little too tall for its own stubbiness.

The RAV4 was actually based on the Corolla platform and was offered in both the versions of the two doors and four doors. In 1998, Toyota RAV4 was redesigned slightly on the rear and front fascias and a soft top two door was made. There was a slight in the power up to 95kW. A 132kW engine of 2.0 L was also made available in Japan. RAV4 EV is a variant of RAV4, it was produced from 1997 to 2003 for fleet lease and it was only offered for public sale for 7 months in 2002 in little quantities in California. It is powered by an advanced NiMH pack of battery capable of storing 27 kWh and has the capacity to go up to 193 km between the charges. It comes with 97,000km battery warranty.

In the mid 2000, the second generation of RAV4 went on sale and came in base Edge and upmarket Cruiser models. This generation was originally offered in a number of trim levels: NV was a two wheel drive, while NRG, GX and VX were permanent 4WD with altogether different levels of equipment. Although the RAV4 was made as a two door model in Europe, Asia as well as in Australia, the American model was now available in a four door model with an A1.8L producing 92kW, 2.0L engine producing 110 kW and d-4 D diesel engines were made available. At that time, some RAV4s came with electronic stability control,  height adjustable driver seat, a six speaker CD stereo, power windows, seats and mirrors and air conditioning,  a sport package gave a mesh grille, bonnet scoop, a roof rack, heated mirrors, grey painted bumpers, silver sport pedals and sport fabric seats. 16inch wheels were standard and larger tires was made available on all wheel drives models.

Then, manual or automatic?? These models are quicker than anything in initial acceleration and spooling up for passing. Yet higher speeds on 86 inches of wheel base compared with an average height of 100 inches for lower and better balanced compact cars is not a recommended test of any sport utility’s centers of gravity. The vehicle changes direction with promptness while the independent suspension consumes the great jobs of roll and steering wonder.  The interior of the car is perfect with comfortable upholstery, coloring, positioning of standard switches and instrumental layout. Seats are tight and high backed. Used Toyota RAV4 is not a truck for dumping stuff, nor a wagon for mass transit. It will definitely pass through the quiet wild places where the rattlers slide and eagles soar. Its main intention is to rejuvenate the owners, giving them a new touch of enjoyment through the vehicle. It’s indeed a great pleasure for our team to deal in RAV4.


Things To Avoid When You Drive In The Rain

Driving in rain can be hazardous and at times can prove fatal if proper precautions are not taken. The statistics of breakdown has always increased when the weather is rainy and damp because it causes problems with the electrical systems and the engines especially when the vehicle is old. Here are the 5 things you should never do while driving in the rain:

  1. 1.      Do Not Leave Without Checking The Condition Of Your Vehicle:

Rain won’t take much time to fog your windshield. It will be beneficial if you switch on your front and rear defrosters and switch on the air conditioners. Many a times,  the climate control systems in the cars will engages the A/C system automatically once the windshield defrost system is turned on. Also, it is necessary that you check your wipers are perfectly alright. Blades should never be damaged and if they are replace them before you are caught in the downpour. If there is a chance of freezing rains, you can carry with yourself some salt or litter. If you get stuck anywhere on the road and spinning your tires for no reason, then you might need to stop a while and place some of the above mentioned material on the drive wheels to get traction. If there is excess ice or snow, you might need to keep a shovel in the trunk so you can remove that ice when you get stuck.

  1. 2.      Do Not Apply Brakes:

Always slow down by taking your feet out of the accelerator instead of applying brakes which mean never apply brakes while driving in rains.  Drive at a speed that is comfortable for you and never set a limited time period but allow for some more extra travel time for your journey. While on the road, keep your speed less. If your speed is slow on the road, then you can have more time to react when another car loses control or when you encounter a large puddle. If you see a huge puddle suddenly, do not drive straight through it. Try maximum to take another route as much as possible otherwise if you drive straight, there is a risk of water splashing in your car’s electrical system and more over you don’t know how deep the pothole is. If you drive through the puddle, always tap the brake pedal lightly to help dry your rotors.

  1. 3.      Do Not Drive  Through Moving Waters:

Drive very slowly when the roads are flooded with water all over. When you see any moving waters and can’t see the ground through it, do not go any further. This might cause hazardous injury and can sweep you and your car off the road. Stop the car and check the water level before entering into the flooded area. Generally, if the water is deep enough reaching up to the bottom of your doors, it is not advisable to drive through it.  Instead of risking the electric control system of the car and attempting to ruin them and creating a huge bill amounting in thousands of dollars, detouring can be the best option.

Seeing these flood areas and spotting them can be even more difficult at night but there definitely ways that can help you overcome this problem. You will require good observation skills to understand the difference between road waters and flooded roads. Also keep an eye on the contours and the frame works of not only the other vehicles and the roads but also of the fences, trees, buildings and the sides of the roads. If you hit the flood water in a speed, then there are chances you might at first lose control of the car and then come to a violent stop which might injure your passengers.

  1. 4.      Do Not Hydroplane:

Hydroplaning or aquaplaning of the tires happens when a water layer is build between the wheels of the vehicles and the heavy road surface. This results in loss of traction and this prevents your car from reacting to the control units. Avoid hydroplaning by keeping your speed at a lower limit. You can choose high quality tires that are especially designed to prevent hydroplaning. Never cruise on the roads, if you do then there are chances you probably might take long time to disable the function beginning to regain control of your vehicle.

  1. 5.      Do Not Drive In Darkness:

Do not take the risk of driving beyond the limits of visibility. This can prove dangerous.

Driving in rain isn’t a normal situation but it may be a case that can happen to you on regular basis. Because raining is a common site in most countries! So, you shall be aware of all these 5 important tips when you drive in rain to avoid any untoward situation.

What Can You Do To Make A Comfortable Driving Of Your Car??

In order to make your driving more comfortable, you must first understand the reasons why you’re driving is getting uncomfortable. Once you find out these points, you can find ways to tackle them and help your selves to make your drive a safe and a comfortable one. Some of the problems that are rare to detect yet are irritating and serious enough are given in the following part of the article.

1        If there is a chance to choose your vehicle, opt for a more comfortable vehicle instead of high performance vehicle. It makes a huge difference. Performance oriented vehicles will give you rough ride for more road feel and best cornering. This can mean more fun to you but not to the passengers in your car. Your passengers will always give a buzz ride if the tires are bumpy and treaded.

2        I’m most of the cases, an automatic transmission can shift more easily and smoothly but if you prefer a manual transition one, then you might need to practice driving smoothly and matching the engine and transmission speed gently.

3        Good headlights can be safer and effective as it allows you to see further and enables you to drive safely and smoothly at night. HIDs can prove more effective and give you wakefulness and cooler colours can be better.

4        Your car seat plays an important role when it comes to making your drive very easy and comfortable whether it is a trip to the nearby village or to the nearest supermarket.  An ergonomic cushion won’t be just comfortable and relaxing but also will support your lower and upper back.  While driving placing a pillow will reduce your shoulder stress and neck stress.

5        Do you drive for long hours regularly??? Do you love massages?? Then this one is the best option for you. You should install a massage cushion that you can plug in your car’s cigarette lighter. Switch it on and off as you please.

6        Have your car tinted in order to protect your car from high intensity of heat. Heat can make you discomfort able and thereby your stress level can increase.

7        Front and rear sensors should be installed on time. Do not stress yourself out with a bumped car. Feel secure before driving the car.

8        Soft suspension can be installed. We do not want to get a feel of riding a roller coaster on the road. The bump rides can be absorbed by softer suspensions.

9        Also, in making your drive comfortable than before, you need to be aware and need to take care of your health as well. Some factors can affect your physical being. If your concentration has decreased as compared to your earlier rides, then allow for yourself more time to get where you are going. Try to take day light trips and go through the familiar ways as much as possible. Do not distract yourself like talking on the cell phone or turning on the music player.

10    There can be times when due to long drive your back starts to ache. During the long trips, take an occasional break and stretch yourself. If shopping for a new car, check for the adjustable seat and also heated seats as they can keep you warm in winters and can help ease your back and hips.

11    If at all your hands and wrist pains while gripping the steering wheel, then you can get a steering knob which is connected directly to the steering wheel or column and moves like a joystick. Some steering wheels are more comfortable than the others.

12    At times, there is a difficulty looking the level above the level of your shoulders and especially while changing lanes. In such a case, you can adjust your side mirror and until you see the side of your car in the inside edge of the mirror.  Then get the full image by leaning forward and moving closer to the mirror. You can also replace your rear mirror with panoramic mirrors to solve this problem.

13     Do you face problems when changing lanes and reading the signs?? Get your eyes checked.  You might be having any treatable vision problem. Reduce glare by keeping lights, windshield and windows clean.

To make a comfortable driving of your car isn’t a rocket science at all. But, precautions need to be taken. Keep all these points in your mind when driving and you will definitely make a comfortable driving of your car.

Toyota Harrier

This is yet another superb automobile from the giant automaker Toyota.  The Luxury and high end model from Toyota is the Toyota Harrier.  This is a compact and midsized SUV and is also known as the Lexus RX which is the division of the Toyota.  This SUV was available as the front wheel drive and the four wheel drive in all the generation that it has crossed.  Initially gasoline was the powering fuel but now the technology has changed and after a lot of up gradation, the hybrid version too is available.   Being a luxury brand, it is yet available in three popular variants: the GX, the LX and the RX.

The Toyota Harrier was a concept which came about and the design was finalized with having a high ground clearance and a high seating position for the drivers.  This was the basic ideal of a Sports Utility Vehicle and also to give all the luxury components to it.  The concept car was to be able to drive on the country roads and off roads.  The body was specially designed to bear all the jerks and bumps.  The introductory Toyota Harrier was having a front wheel drive and all the four wheel drive abilities.  This SUV was very modern in terms of the options that one has.  The interiors are well designed and top of the state of art is displayed in the way the materials are used.

The design of the model is fitted with all high end accessories.  To name a few; JBL was the choice for the sound system, sports seats for the seating and leather steering wheels for the comfort of the driver.  This was an immense success.  The other options were no less in the choices, the Pioneer and Nakamichi sound system as the custom made options were available.  The interior of the car would have a wooden finished coat, the dash board displayed LCD and CD changer systems etc.  The two rows of the seating arrangement and a comfortable storage capacity were made available keeping in mind the adventures that one would like to undertake with the SUV.   The adjustment for making more cargo space was also possible as the rear seats were adjustable in nature.  Most of the people who owned such an asset were mostly found utilizing this vehicle on the country roads and have given a very good response.  The Toyota Harrier was a heartbeat of those who purchased this vehicle.

The later editions of the Harrier underwent changes in the styling of the headlights and taillights. The CD changers were replaced with the DVD players and new brighter colors of the exteriors were introduced making it look more desirable.  Gradual up gradation and variation went a long way.

The fuel consumptions of each model do vary a little bit.  The front wheel drive Toyota Harrier fuel consumption could range from somewhere in between 5.2 to 9.2 km/lit.  This also depends upon the driver and the driving conditions.  If the driver has a good hand experience, he could improve the mileage to some extent.   This is the average in the petrol version, where as in the gasoline version, the Toyota Harrier fuel consumption could be about 12 and above km/lit.  This is the 2.2 model which gives the mileage up to 12 and slightly above.

We could say that the Toyota Harrier is one of the top styles SUV.  This is a compact and midsized vehicle which has got all the goodness and style quotients that one can boast about in a SUV.  The interiors are trendy and comfortable; the accessories are a class in itself.  The output is excellent and hence the most desirable sports utility luxury model of a van.

Toyota Corolla

This is a car manufactured by the well known Japanese car manufacturer Toyota.  The maker of Toyota Corolla is categorized as a compact car.  It gained worldwide recognition as soon as it was launched and became one of the best selling cars in a short span of time.   The name suggests that it was meant for royalty.  The term Corolla means a Crown.  It indeed was a crown to the company Toyota as it gained popularity all across the world.  Most of the models of Corolla have different names in different places of production and marketing.  In any case whatever the name, the corolla was a big hit.

When we talk about the Japanese used cars, this is one of the models that are frequently asked for.  The demand for this category of a sub compact car is more.  This could be because of the elegant designs that the Toyota Corolla has.  The eighth generation of the Corolla was having a rounded and aerodynamic design; the front and rear were redesigned than the previous models.   The engine also got a revamp in the eighth generation.  This engine was labeled as E110 which was supposed to be lighter than the earlier E100.  This was also the model that had undergone some major changes and had got an aluminum engine and cylinder heads which was the main reason of the lighter engine.

Later on this same engine was styled and after some technological changes was introduced in the Japanese market under the name of Toyota Corolla Altis. The newer design still looked better and face uplifted.  The size also slightly changed and the Toyota Corolla Altis became a few mm longer than the older Corolla.  All the models of Toyota Corolla have been identified as having a Good rating with the road safety authorities and are an acceptable model.  The improvisations are constantly going on to make the Toyota Corolla better in most of the aspects.  The seating comfort and the upgraded technology to be installed and the security when driving are some of the factors that make it more likeable.

When we consider a used car, we are to make sure that the models have their machine components in the market if need arises to replace any one.  The other important aspect that we look for is the comfort and the maintenance of the used car.  The car which one wants to purchase should give him the needed support and comfort.  The client should enjoy the rides of the car.   But if the car is not maintained properly, there are repeated visits to the workshop and a lot of amount gets spent on the overhauling and maintaining the engine parts.  Then this becomes a liability.  Hence when we buy used cars; it is always a better practice to get one from authorized dealers who have the experience of buying and selling cars.  These dealers always look into the engine and the body of the car with all the other aspects.  They usually work with a team of workers who are skilled in their own professional fields and each person gives the inputs after carefully inspecting the car.

It is therefore necessary to get a used car from dealers who have the ability to scrutinize and tell you as to what is good for you in the budget that is affordable to you.  The best buy would leave you hassle free after the transactions are completed.  The regular visits to the workshop and the unwanted expenditure on the car should be avoided.  This all is possible and works out in favor of the customer if he goes along the proper channel.

Japanese Used Cars

Japan is one of the most advanced automobile manufacturers.  Japan has given the world some of the best automobiles till date and hence a lot of demand for the Japanese used vehicles all over.  We are dealing with the exporting and selling of Japanese used cars under $1000/-.  We deal with the cars with the minute inspection and get them tested and inspected by leading professionals in the automotive fields.  We are known to be the largest company that deals with the used cars.  Most of our team comprises of good mechanical engineers and body crafters who get each vehicle under strict rules of inspections and also test the machine under rigorous conditions.  Hence we know that what we supply is the best in quality.

We do boast about our company in the way we handle all Japanese used cars. We have a few yards which can accommodate at least 1500 to 2000 vehicles of all makes and models at any given time.  The cars are maintained till we are able to sell them off to the privileged customers.  And the overall transactions that are taking place in a span of 8-10 months are roughly around 5000-6000 vehicles.   We deal with all the important company models of cars such as the Toyota, Mazda and Suzuki, BMW and Mercedes and many more renowned manufacturers.  We also help in acquiring models of Japanese used cars below the $1000 mark.  These are equally reliable.  All the models are maintained and graded by our engineers.

The stocking of so many cars and their maintenance is our prime goal, that the vehicle reaches the destination in the best condition.  We are able to transport the vehicles to places all around the globe because of our well knit network of sub-dealers of Japanese used cars.  Some of the important continents are the Asian, European, African and the Pacific.

We are the company registered for selling the used cars and we abide with all the rules and regulations laid down by the governing authorities.  Hence the trust and faith factors are the foundations on which our empire stands.  Also we do not want to forget the immense support that we have received from the customers that have been our clients.  The strength of our company is also lying in the hands of all the esteemed clients.  This helps us to go on in the quest of achieving the higher standards and keep going.

To get a car from our company is not at all complicated.  You could select the car of your choice which is also possible with the catalogues on the website.  Check the rates that are applicable and reach us.  We shall give you all the necessary details related to the dealing and if it is agreeable to you, you could go ahead and complete the payment procedures.  The convenience for payment also is given. You could use any of the options of your choice.  Once the payment is received by our company, the orders are released to ship the vehicle instantly.  Our agents will be in touch with you to guide you as to when and how you will receive your vehicle.  These agents also clear all the documentation that may be required and there you have your car in your custody.

Thus you can get a vehicle of your choice by registering with our company.  We are glad to provide all the details of each model that we have in stock and the range is up to you to decide.  Any make or model you choose, the quality is guaranteed and risk free.  You can rely on the team that has put all efforts to grade each vehicle not only in the machinery and output but also in the way the body is handled.